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Opening the Community

Due to the lack of members I have decided to open Gaming Muses' membership so folks can join and post from their personal journals. My hope is that the community will get a little life back into it. I will be transferring the ownership of Gaming muses to my main account as soon as the Ownership is sorted out to more easily facilitate moderation of the community.

Posting will be lightly moderated however, just to make sure that stories remain within the realm of video gaming.


Delay in prompt schedules

Since we're all just so busy this week, I will not be posting prompts until this Saturday. That should give for the others to catch up, if not, the show will go on.

Just a heads up

There won't be any prompts this week because of some issues that have arisen in my office. However, next week will be double the usual amount to make up for it.

I apologize for the delay.

Multiple Sorries

Aeris here! Sort of. I haven't been updating because I was kidnapped by some new Anti-ShinRa group and now the Turks are sitting on me like It was some kind of big deal. I get kidnapped like once a month AT LEAST. Come on. So since I'm not really able to update as often as I'd like I've been advised that I should maybe let someone help me maintain the community, so I'm going to ask my best friend Sephiroth to help. Could you do this for me, Sephy? Could you do this for me and be NOT a jerk about it? :D
Okay I've been working on the header banner thinger for the new layout. Tell me how you guys feel...

I don't know what to do with that huge space otherwise. I figured I'd just stick the first three muses that were claimed there and it just so happened that they were all from FFVII, but since they are I don't know if it will work so much since the community is for all fandoms. IDK


Dear Sephiroth,

In scouring the internet for a suitable picture we came across this.

Enjoy.Collapse )




Hey Guys!

Sorry, for no prompts last Sunday, I've been working on a lease for my new roommate who is moving in Friday. I've been around but not really organized enough to set up the prompt list. Next list should be up on your regularly scheduled Sunday though! Also with it there should be a layout change. The current tags list is pissing me off. See you then.